Colorado mountain elopement photographer Becky Young near Ridgeway CO



  • I am addicted to the Rocky Mountains
  • I am a simple girl with a kind heart
  • I specialize in photographing elopements and intimate weddings
  • I secretly wish I lived in a cabin in the woods
  • I am a Colorado native (5th generation!) and have loved every minute of it
  • I have hiked ten of Colorado’s 14ers (my husband has done 35!)
  • I love playing tour guide for my clients who are visiting Colorado
  • I have a healthy obsession with dirt roads, Patagonia and sunshine


Hi friends, I’m Becky! I am a professional photographer in Colorado, specializing in elopements and intimate weddings for happy couples who love the great outdoors as much as they love each other. My style is simple, clean and always incorporates the natural beauty of Colorado.

My happy place is a high alpine meadow with 360 degree views all around, a light breeze blowing through my hair and the occasional buzz from a bumblebee passing through the wildflowers. I am deeply connected to this beautiful state of Colorado. My family came here in the 1800s to mine silver & gold and to build railroads near Aspen. Maybe that’s why I feel like my heart is so rooted in these mountains, in this land. I wander the same mountains they explored, I dip my toes into the same rivers they fished and I take photos near the same towns they lived in so many years ago.

I value simplicity, peace and joy. That’s why I specialize in elopements. Elopements allow for quiet moments to soak in the gravity of your love, your commitment to each other. They create a sacred space for unhindered emotions and unbreakable vows. Eloping blocks out the noise of the world and carves out an intimate time of intentionality, peace, focus and joy. There is no room for stress, there is only room for unspeakable joy and endless views. That’s why I do what I do.



Meet The Team

Get to know my two amazing associate photographers, Andrea and Danielle! These two ladies are are
equally kind, creative and talented at navigating/photographing Colorado's vast landscapes with our clients!
I love having them as part of the heart and soul of Becky Young Photography!


Danielle is a SoCal native but came to Colorado just as fast as she could :) She is a funny, caffeine-loving wife and mom to two sweet girls. Danielle has been a part of my business for almost 4 years and I have loved every second that she has been with us! She is one of the kindest, most reliable and dedicated people I've ever known. She treats our clients like friends and loves exploring mountain hillsides with her camera in tow. 

Click here to view Danielle's portfolio


Ohhhh kind, sweet, wonderful Andrea! She has been with me almost since the beginning. For the last 9 years, Andrea has been photographing weddings and elopements with me - she's my right hand woman! Andrea is creative, easy going, lighthearted and organized. When she's not photographing elopements and weddings in the mountains, you'll find Andrea at home with her husband and 3 kiddos.

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