Estes Park Elopement {Matt + Elizabeth}

Elizabeth and Matt had a beautiful (albeit windy, snowy and COLD!) elopement at a private home in Estes Park this fall. Estes Park is interesting in that it sits right outside of Rocky Mountain National Park, but the town itself doesn’t have a lot of public land or National Forest land suitable for weddings. Consequently, if you want to get married in Estes, you need to either find a venue or a private cabin/home with land that you can use. There are parks in Estes but they’re not particularly scenic and they’re pretty crowded so it’s hard to find privacy. Elizabeth and Matt went with the private home/cabin route and I think it was an outstanding decision!

They had a very unique location with a path leading to a gorgeous rock outcropping that lead to beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. Matt and Elizabeth invited those closest to them to share in their day. I’m so proud of how everyone braved the frigid temps and blowing snow! There is truly never a dull moment in Colorado’s weather haha! Since this was private property, they had the location all to themselves without any tourists wandering by which is such a treat! Andrea had a wonderful time working with them and documenting their special day!

A few favorites…

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We have 61 (!!) elopements and intimate weddings in 2017, with 25 of them being in the last few weeks when the magical fall season hit Colorado. Needless to say, it’s been a pretty busy few weeks here at BYP! I’m a pretty efficient business owner if I do say so myself, but no photographer in their right mind could possibly blog all these weddings and elopements while also still actively photographing weddings, answering emails and editing thousands of photos. My sanity would go right out the window if I even tried.  And to be honest, I’d much rather be outside enjoying the fresh air than stare at a computer screen while updating my blog all day long 🙂

Even though the prospect of blogging 25 weddings is a bit more than I can handle, I still want to share photos from these amazing weddings! We have had soooo many wonderful couples over these past few weeks, I can’t not share pictures! Typically I devote an entire blog post to an elopement that Andrea, Danielle or myself has photographed, but this time around I’m going to do one big blog post that is full of s few images from various weddings and elopements that we have photographed lately. It will be a giant mishmash of beauty from lots of different weddings from all over the state of Colorado. Even with this giant blog post, there are still wedding images that I have yet to highlight…hopefully in the near future I will have a chance to blog a few more!

We have seen everything over the last few weeks…beautiful fall foliage, blizzards in September, blizzards in October, rainbows, weddings in meadows, elopements on mountaintops, private cabins in the woods, gorgeous mountain ranches, laughter, tears, sunrises, sunsets, golden aspen trees, alpine lakes, families celebrating together, self-solemnized vows and more than a few herd of elk. It has been nothing short of amazing, we are so lucky to have the privilege of witnessing such amazing moments in the lives of our clients!

So without further delay, here is some of what we have had the pleasure of photographing lately…

Jamie and Logan hit the fall colors perfectly during their RMNP elopement. Their original location got shut down due
to snow and ice but we made the best of it with a gorgeous backup location.

Zoe and Leighton got married lakeside with some beautiful golden rays of light reflecting off of the water. They got married at a spot that is
typically closed to weddings during the busy summer months but finally opens its doors once fall arrives and things slow down a bit.
Sam and Matt’s wedding was one of my favorites! They had crazy down-pouring rain the entire time, but their spirits and attitudes
were so light, they could have cared less. I love how the stormclouds hung low in the valleys around us!
Maddie and Josh were one of our only local clients this fall. They got married at a beautiful open space area that they found while mountain
biking together. Love that! They definitely had one of the most emotional ceremonies I’ve seen all year. I teared up more than once 🙂
If I didn’t know better, I would have thought Mike and Alex’s wedding was in the dead of winter, not the beginning of fall!
We had some extreme whiteout conditions during their ceremony. Fall is definitely a crazy time in Colorado!
Sara and Kevin eloped at sunrise this fall and it. was. magical. Our entire morning together was absolute perfection!

Ben came all the way from Germany to marry the love of his life, Natassia. They had a very intimate lakeside elopement just last week!

Marie and Brian eloped near Vail at one of my very favorite spots, Piney River Ranch. We had a sunny and windy day along the lake just a few
days before the ranch closed. So beautiful!

Kari and Mark’s lakeside elopement was a favorite of mine, her bouquet alone was absolutely stunning! Combine that with the background and
their beautiful ceremony and it was a recipe for an amazing evening!

Meagan and Matt took advantage of the fall colors and eloped in the middle of a beautiful aspen grove on a sunny evening. They worked with
one of my very favorite officiants, Phil Gallagher.

Jordyn and Jerry were surprised with snow and fog on their wedding day, along with a giant herd of elk that lingered nearby. The fog was so
dense at time, I couldn’t see them at all once they were 15 feet away from me. Crazy!
Danielle was the lucky duck that got to photograph Terri and Austin’s intimate wedding during this spectacular stormy sunset. I’m so jealous!
Andrea got one earlier this summer. While I saw plenty of sunsets this year, I never got one that happened at the same time as a storm. The
colors are so rich and vibrant during these, it’s like even the air around you turns pink. Maybe next year… 🙂

The Most Gracious Couple award goes to Ashley and Peter this fall. They got married up in Estes Park and on Andrea’s way up, she got stuck in the
worst traffic tangle ever. A power line had fallen in an area that was already under construction and it started a fire. Police shut the road down
and Andrea was stuck for hours and hours trying to make her way to the wedding. Thankfully I was able to help out, so I bolted up to Estes Park
as quickly as I could to help cover. Andrea eventually made it safely and Ashley and Peter’s laid back timeline allowed for the delay (reason #251 why I
love elopements …. flexibility!). In over 200 weddings, we have never been late before. I’m so glad the first time was with such kind and gracious clients
like Ashley and Peter!

Kaylee and Trey had some magical lighting and weather come together for their elopement. Even with a little wind, their photos
are some of  the best Andrea has taken all year! I loved the softly falling snow while they wandered through a secluded forest together.
I think these two should take up modeling professionally 😉
Metzere and Michael got married in Breckenridge last weekend. When the ski patrol caught wind
that they had just gotten married, they decided it was a great opportunity to photobomb and grab a picture with the bride&groom 🙂

And last but certainly not least, Heather and Chris eloped at the Wild Basin Lodge just last week. We had a beautiful day on the river and admiring the mountain views together. And as a bonus, I found a new favorite wedding officiant!  – Jen with Small Circles Ceremonies

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Eloping at Garden of the Gods {Justin + Brittney}

When Brittney first contacted me, she said that neither she or Justin had ever been to Colorado but they had heard stories about how beautiful it was and so they decided to make Colorado their next travel destination and elope while they were here. Love that!  I love that although they had never seen Colorado with their eyes before, they knew it was the place to say their vows and begin their life together. The Garden of the Gods provided a stunning ceremony backdrop and they enjoyed exploring the area with Andrea afterwards!

I always tell our clients that lighting is everything. We always try to sway couples into having their elopement ceremonies in the morning or evening to take advantage of the beautiful lighting. It doesn’t always work out; some people have venue constraints that they can’t work around, some people simply prefer to do something in the afternoon and some people have travel restrictions to consider. But some people take our advice to heart like Brittney and Justin did. And those lucky couples get to enjoy the fruits of that decision with soft golden light, a lower risk of storms, less crowds and milder temperatures. Brittney and Justin capitalized on our recommendation for an evening elopement ceremony at the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. The lighting was absolutely beautiful Brittney and Justin’s chemistry was undeniable, they trusted Andrea completely and as a result, their final images are absolutely lovely. Congrats guys!

A few favorites…

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Fall Mountain Elopement in Colorado {Landon + Stacey}

I always think I’ve seen it all when it comes to beauty in Colorado. I’ve hiked countless trail, explored thousands of square miles, stood on mountaintops, walked through mountain valleys and seen some of the most breathtaking sites that my lovely state has to offer. But every time I think it can’t get better, it does! Certain areas can look so different once new lighting and weather conditions enter into the scene. Take for instance, where Landon and Stacey eloped…I’ve been here before many times but there was something so different about the day they eloped. Maybe it was the snow, the swirling clouds or the sun that kept hiding behind the mist that was drifting up from the valley. We hit it at just the right moment and it was magical!

Landon and Stacey weren’t afraid to brave the blowing snow, 40mph winds or dizzying heights that we were at. They rolled with everything like they were natives of Colorado or something haha! 😉 The crazy conditions stuck with us for almost two hours. In our time together, we saw sleet, snow,  hail, graupel (little mini snowballs that look like hail but they’re light and fluffy instead!), crazy wind, fog, lightning, thunder, pouring rain and eventually a rainbow. It was probably the craziest weather I’ve seen in such a short amount of time. At the end of it all, we were soaked to the bone but oh-so happy. I see many couples who get discouraged by the crazy weather that blows through Colorado, but these two were all smiles. Landon and Stacey embraced it with open arms and a sense of adventure. I have a feeling that’s how they approach life too, just embrace anything that comes your way no matter how crazy.

It was an honor to be with them on their wedding day. I never forget what a special job this is that I have and how lucky I am to have it.

A few favorites…

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My style is simple, clean and always reflects the natural beauty of Colorado. I travel all over the state of Colorado photographing elopements and intimate weddings. Most of the elopements that I photograph take place in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Some of the locations I travel to include: Crested Butte, Breckenridge, Estes Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, Aspen, Snowmass, Telluride, Keystone, Ouray and Vail. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about eloping in Colorado or planning an intimate wedding, I would be happy to answer any questions you have!