Nothing says spring is here in Colorado like a big ole snowstorm haha! It’s been 70 degrees almost every week since the beginning of March and then it decides to snow on Rick and Judith’s wedding day. Colorado is absolutely unpredictable. It’s almost May for crying out loud and yet I sit here watching snow fall for the past 24 hours.Thankfully, Judith, Rick and their families embraced the snow with good humor and ease. They didn’t let the slippery roads or the cold weather ruin the day or the ceremony. I love it when my clients are able to embrace the crazy Colorado weather like it’s a guest at their wedding.

Rick and Judith got married at the 3M Curve in Rocky Mountain National Park. Usually, this locations has lovely views and overlooks but on a day like yesterday, you were lucky to see 10 feet in front of you with all the snow that was coming down! We made our way to the ceremony site at a little rock alcove and Judith’s sister Becky performed a beautiful wedding ceremony while the flakes fell silently. It was absolutely peaceful, there wasn’t a sound except for Judith and Rick exchanging vows and the occasional sniffle nearby. After the ceremony, we tromped all over the Park looking for anywhere that might have a mountain not completely blocked by clouds and the storm. Luckily we found a few mountains that were willing to show themselves for a photo or two before being shrouded in the clouds again. Congratulations Judith and Rick, thank you for allowing me to join with you on your most special day!

A few favorites…

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Josh and Elisa exchanged rings and vows at the beautiful 3M Curve in Rocky Mountain National Park. I like this spot because you get beautiful views of Longs Peak and the surrounding mountains, it’s easy to get to and it’s usually pretty uncrowded so privacy is easy to come by! There are lots of spots for a ceremony at 3M Curve, so we walked around a little bit until we found the perfect spot. We came upon a great little rock outcropping that worked perfectly for their ceremony. I loved that both Elisa and Josh wrote their vows on their iPhones! They had the sweetest ceremony, I was so honored to document it!

Although it’s the middle of March, it’s really starting to feel like May here in Colorado. May in Colorado typically comes with light winds, a few rain showers and warm temperatures, which is exactly what we got during Josh and Elisa’s elopement in Rocky Mountain National Park! We had a sprinkle of rain, snow falling in the distance, an occasional gust of wind and all things considered it was pretty warm for RMNP in March! We had enough time to leave 3M Curve and then hop all over the Park and take advantage of the beautiful scenery that surrounded us.

A few favorites…

The 3M Curve is a beautiful overlook in Rocky Mountain National Park that is perfect for a small wedding or elopementA bride and groom elope at the 3M Curve in RMNPA bride holds her vows on her iPhone during her elopement ceremony in Rocky Mountain National ParkBride and groom hold their elopement ceremony at 3M CurveA beautiful pastel elopement bouquet that is perfect for a mountain weddingA bride and groom pose for their elopement photos at 3M curveAn elopement wedding at 3M curve inside Rocky Mountain National Park

A couple Elopes in March in Colorado

A bride and groom elope near Horseshoe Park in RMNPA Horseshoe Park elopement inside Rocky Mountain National ParkEloping near Horseshoe Park in Rocky Mountain National ParkA couple elopes in RMNP with the mountains behind them

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Katie and Jason are lucky to live close enough to Colorado that they could drive here, meaning their sweet dogs got to join them for the wedding day (my favorite thing ever!). A lot of my clients have dogs, but plane rides can complicate traveling with pups so a lot of times they wind up at home which makes everyone sad, myself included! Mollie and Sam helped make an amazing day even more fun!

Jason and Katie trusted me with choosing their ceremony location, which I was honored to do! They invited their family to join them as they exchanged vows in a beautiful field surrounded by mountains. They rented some cabins nearby so this was a super convenient location for everyone to get to! I love how simple Katie and Jason kept everything, their wedding was the epitome of a relaxed and fun wedding day!

I was a little worried about the weather on their wedding day because the lower elevations around Denver were socked in with a weird rain/mist that refused to leave. But the second I started driving up in elevation, the clouds parted and the sun came out. It was pretty amazing to feel like we were actually above the storm! We had bright blue skies and some great views of the surrounding mountains, it made for a perfect day to celebrate the marriage of these two kind souls. Congrats guys!

A few favorites….A family-only intimate wedding in March at Kenosha Pass, Coloradokenosha-pass-elopementbride and groom elope on kenosha pass in colorado Katie and Jason elope on top of kenosha pass which is about an hour from Denver

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I was backing up some of my external hard drives (yes, that’s how careful I am with my images! I backup my backups haha!) and I found some of my personal travel photos from 2016 that I thought I would share. I’m going to make it more of a priority to share more photos like these throughout the year! I get to see some really fantastic places and those photos shouldn’t just sit on a hard drive!

David and I are big fans of traveling. Each year we carefully think through the places we want to see, the destinations we’ve been longing to visit. We love all types of traveling…road trips, international vacations, planes, trains, backpacking through forests, camping on the side of a mountain…if it means we get to see a new place and explore a beautiful area, we’re all in! Thankfully David and I travel remarkably well together. We usually have the same priorities (hike! watch pretty sunsets! eat yummy food!) and we rarely get tired of each other’s company. I’m so thankful to have such an awesome travel buddy!

Traveling is also an awesome way for me to do some landscape photography, which is a huge passion of mine. Landscape photography forces me to slow down. I have to be a little more methodical in looking for the right light, waiting for the clouds to get to a certain spot and seeking out the right angle. It’s a great way for me recharge my creative batteries!

2016 was an interesting year for us. Between selling our old house, buying a new one, grad school, photographing 62 weddings and elopements and David having some health scares, I don’t know how we found the time to travel as much as we did. Come to think of it, the hectic pace of life was probably the exact reason we traveled so much. Travel is a little escape for us so anytime we felt stressed and had the opportunity get out of town, we took off! We are so fortunate to have the time and flexibility to see as much as we do!

Next up for 2017: Outer Banks, Vermont, Montana, Banff, Jasper National Parks, and we’ll probably go somewhere in Utah because we always wind up in the desert at some point during the year! 🙂

A few favorites from last year…

My usual setup for travel photography. I’m a minimalist at heart so I only bring the bare necessities like a tripod, remote shutter trigger, filters and 3 lenses. And of course, I have to bring my awesome F-Stop backpack to carry everything in!

Great Sand Dunes National ParkWe spent an entire week in Capitol Reef National Park. We are basically obsessed with Utah and the desert and this Park has been on our list of places to see for a long time! We spent theentire time camping, hiking, taking photos and soaking in all the warm sunshine that Utah has to offer.The area above is called Cathedral Valley and it is this gorgeous valley full of huge rock spires. We spent 2 full days exploring this spot, it was absolutely amazing! If you ever have a chance to go here, do it!
Hickman Bridge
We took a really random and spur of the moment trip to see Devil’s Tower National Monument in Wyoming. Such a cool place!
We spent a lot of time in Crested Butte this past summer. Altogether we were there for over a week as we location scouted for Rachel and Sam and then photographed their beautiful Crested Butte elopement in August. I just love this place! We’re heading back here for more elopements this July and I’m already counting down the days! 

Of course, everywhere we go David’s fly fishing rod tags along!
And finally we wrapped up our travels with a 10 day trip to Great Exuma in the Bahamas to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary. I think marriage is a big deal and it deserves to be celebrated! Even when you’re smack dab in the middle of wedding season and you’re so busy you can hardly see straight! This trip was my favorite…I can still feel the soft white sand between my toes and taste the pina coladas! 😉

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