There is just something so peaceful and magical about wintertime in Colorado. There is something equally magical about having your elopement ceremony in the winter. It’s quiet, peaceful and still as layers of snow build and build. Everything is so pristine and white. The forest is just a little quieter. The snow falls softly. Winter truly is my favorite time of year! Rocky Mountain National Park tends to be less crowded December through April. Nature seems to breathe a collective sigh of relief as people opt to stay home in their warm houses.

Only a few hardy souls (like Miranda and Ryan!) are brave enough to venture out and elope in the snow and cold temperatures. My winter elopement clients all seem to have a little something extra about them that I just adore. They are a little less fearful, a little more adventurous, and they are always willing to embrace whatever the weather might have in store for them….including snow storms 🙂

Miranda and Ryan eloped in the middle of a beautiful winter snow storm in Rocky Mountain National Park. They walked out onto a frozen lake as snowflakes swirled around and they committed the rest of their lives to each other with an exchange of vows and rings. They did such a great job at braving the cold, I was so impressed with how tough they were! We spent our time laughing, admiring the snow and relishing the fact that it seemed we had all of Rocky Mountain National Park to ourselves. Congratulations Miranda and Ryan!

A few favorites….falling snow in the forest where the snow is in focus becky young photography


rocky mountain national park during a whiteout snow storm in december 2016A bride and groom have a self-solemnized winter elopement on the frozen Sprague Lake inside Rocky Mountain National ParkSelf-solemnized winter elopement in December in Rocky Mountain National Park. Photographed by Becky YoungWinter elopement attire of sorel boots and a blanket scarf with a blue tule skirt in the snowy mountains of Colorado with a pinecone bouquet Winter elopement wedding attire for the snow and cold in ColoradoA bride stands in the snow after her elopement ceremony at Sprague Lake in December inside RMNP. Photographed by Becky Young PhotographyEloping in a blizzard in the Colorado Mountains of Rocky Mountain National Park at Sprague Lake in the winterEloping on a frozen lake in the winter of Colorado blanket scarf for a winter wedding outfitsoftly falling snow surrounds a bride and groom who eloped in the winter inside Rocky Mountain National Park

Are you thinking of having a winter elopement? Feel free click the links for more information about pricing and elopement locations. You can always email me directly as well if you’d like to chat through ideas about having a winter elopement in Colorado!

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When a winter storm warning is issued for the mountains in Colorado, we don’t take it lightly. It usually means roads will be closed, winds will howl, the temperature drops and snow will cover the ground in a frozen white blanket. Our snow storms range from peaceful and serene to downright scary here in Colorado, and you never quite know which one you’re going to get when a storm approaches!

I love that as the storm approached yesterday, Chris and Haley decided to get married. They eloped in the wilderness and we were treated to a magically still afternoon. There was not a soul around us. It was just us, the mountain backdrop and pine trees. Blissful. It was one of the quietest (and coldest….18 degrees! Brrr…)afternoons I’ve experienced in a while and it was wonderful. No tourists. No cars. No Park Rangers or hikers passing through. There was barely even a crow or squirrel that disturbed us. It truly was the definition of peaceful.

Haley and Chris chose to self-solemnize their elopement ceremony and I was honored to be the only witness to their vows. It was a memorable afternoon for all of us and I was honored to be a part of it. We managed to finish up with photos just as the snow began to fall. What a way to end a wonderful day – congrats Chris and Haley!

A few favorites…

winter views in mueller state park coloradobride and groom self-solemnize their own vows in colorado during a winter elopementbride and groom eloping in the snow near mueller state park in coloradowinter elopement in Colorado with snowy peaks in the background of the ceremony sitewinter elopement in colorado in the snowy month of decembergrey white winter wedding shawl an amazing winter elopement location in the snowy mountains of colorado photography by becky youngwinter elopement in the forest of colorado with snowy mountain views on a cold dayincredible views from a wintertime elopement in the rocky mountains of colorado behind Pike's peak in decemberlow winter sun provides beautiful backlighting for a bride and groom who eloped in colorado


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What’s better than coming to Colorado with some dear friends to elope at Sapphire Point on Lake Dillon? Doing in in October when the weather is still a little warm, the crowds have died down and the autumn sun shines at beautiful angles in the evening. That’s exactly what Katie and Brandon decided to do and I was privileged to join them! We had the most spectacular weather for their private elopement ceremony, it couldn’t have been any better! The afternoon set the stage for a wonderful time of champagne, vows, laughter, whispering pine trees and views for miles and miles. Thank you Katie and Brandon for inviting me to have an inside look at your love, your wedding and your life together. I wish nothing but blessings and joy upon your new marriage!

A few favorites…

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October in Colorado is always a wild card. The mountains could have a foot of snow or it could be sunny and 75 degrees, you never know! That is part of what I love so much about Colorado, it always keeps me on my toes! The weather dictates how my images look because it determines light and sky patterns and I will take a cloudy day over blue sky and sun any day! Ethan and Amber had some pretty wild weather on their wedding day – we had snow, sleet, hail, rain, thunder, mist and the teeniest bit of sun. Amber was such a trooper, everyone kept offering her a jacket and she insisted on braving the cold which is the sign of a true Colorado bride 😉

Ethan and Amber came to Aspen with their parents and siblings which made their ceremony so special. I love when family members get to witness these beautiful moments! They had a gorgeous wedding ceremony just before the crazy weather set in. After a brief hail/snow storm, we ventured out to Maroon Lake and took advantage of the solitude. All the tourists were scared off by the weather so we had the place to ourselves, what a treat! Congrats Ethan and Amber, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your beautiful day!

A few favorites…

The maroon bells in early october with just a few leaves still left on the aspen treesAn early october elopement at the maroon bells in aspen coloradofall elopement in aspen colorado at the maroon bells with just a little snow on the mountainsAn intimate wedding takes place at the maroon bells amphitheater during a family-only elopementintimate elopement in the fall at the gorgeous maroon bells in aspen coloradoa fall storm comes upon the maroon bellslace wedding dress with burgundy shoes in the fall with aspen leavesfall flower crown in aspen coloradobride and groom eloping at the maroon bellsmaroon elopement bouquet in aspen colorado

snowy-maroon-bells-weddingColorado elopement location the maroon bells in aspen colorado with a bride and groom in wedding attireeloping at maroon lake at the maroon bells in aspen colorado photo by becky young photography

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